No one likes road construction; it’s a hassle and it takes forever and it makes getting from Point A to Point B that much more difficult. But think how much worse it would be if there were no traffic control during the construction process. Vehicles would be fighting for the right-of-way (more than normal), construction workers would be in danger (way more than normal), and a multi-week project would stretch on indefinitely (beyond even the loosest definition of normal). That’s not good.

But an experienced construction services company can streamline the process, minimizing hassle and inconvenience and maximizing safety and efficiency. And Keyhole Technologies, LLC is one of the most experienced construction service providers in Wyoming. We know the business inside and out and have the expertise, equipment and staff to help your company get the job done quickly, safely and affordably.

We offer a full range of construction-related goods and services, including:

  • Traffic control planning
  • Traffic control labor
  • Traffic control devices and barriers
  • Message boards and chevrons
  • Flagging and signage
  • Roadway markings
  • Delineators and guardrails
  • Equipment rentals

Whatever your needs, you can rely on Keyhole Technologies to provide the solution. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and has resulted in our steady growth through the years. As we continue to grow and serve our customers, we continue to look for motivated, dependable employees to join our team. If that’s you, please complete our simple and secure online application — we’d love to have you!